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February 13
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Hetalia theory: Ukraine

The cooing and barking if all my farm animals gave me a sweet sense of comfort. I sat for a break after heaving a large amount of food into the horses pen, one of the many things on my to-do list. I slumped into a wooden chair, since it's really the only way I can sit and breath. The annoying tickle in my throat, that bugs me ever so often, returned once again. I had a small coughing fit and startled my sleeping herd dog. I gave her a soft pat on her head to reassure her that I'm fine. As I sat up to clear my throat I almost started coughing again. I finally gave up trying, and stood to get a drink of water. Although, as I did, the world shifted... turned... and spun like a top. I grasped my head and held onto my chair for support. My legs felt weak, me knees buckled, and darkness engulfed me.

"Yekaterina! Yekaterina! Can you hear me?" A familiar voice
filled my ears.

"huh?" I choked on the word.

"Yekaterina, are you okay?" I felt a strong hand guide me up. Looking around, I found my younger brother, Ivan, helping me up.

"Ivan? What happened?" I asked as I finally got a strong stance.

"I don't know, I heard the dogs barking, so I came out expecting a wolf after your animals, but instead I found you on the ground." he said with concerned violet eyes.

"I was on the ground?" I repeated after him. Remembering what happened, I shook off the memory. My brother only visits me one week every year, the last thing I wanted was him worrying about me. "Oh! It's nothing to worry about!" I said, wiping dirt from my, once clean, shirt. "I was working so hard, I guess I just got light headed!" I moved on to wiping off my overalls.

"Oh..." he said comprehending.

"I'll be fine for now." I said starting to walk towards the animal feed.

"whoa, Yekaterina," Ivan grabbed my hand and held me from walking any further. "I think you should rest for now, I'm starting to get concerned about you."

"No, no, Ivan, really I'm fine!" I said trying to fight back a cough.

"Kat..." he said sternly, using his nickname for me. I knew just what he wanted from me.

"Fine, I'll rest for now, but once I'm feeling better I'm going back to work!" I huffed, heading off towards the house.

"I'll finish feeding the animals for you." Ivan called after me.
I gave a small wave of acknowledgement.

That night, as I was alone in my dark room, sleeping. I was fighting off night terrors. Nightmares were surrounding me. They showed me an awful future. One I wished would never come true. It portrayed a future of me dying, leaving both my little brother and sister alone. More nightmares of me going off to a distant world, that was cold and lonely.

I felt my throat close up, as if I was being strangled. I cough and fought for air, desperately. Ivan was asleep in his room just down the hall, I knew he would wake up once he heard all the noise I was making. Pushing my self to sit up, I started coughing into my fist. The cough stopped for a second, and I noticed... Even in the dim light of my room, my hand was covered in a dark, red liquid, and in my mouth was a disgusting metallic taste. 'Is this... Blood?' I thought. I stood up to go to the bathroom to clean up, get a drink of water, and go back to sleep. Hopefully with out awaking Ivan. Although, just as I went to do that, a horrible dizziness which attacked me earlier, came back. My head was getting foggy, my vision blurred. My knees buckled, just as they did before, and my ankles couldn't stand that weight, they gave up in an instant. Rolling onto my back I felt an agonizing pain in my chest, none like I've ever felt before. I gripped my night gown, directly over my heart.

      My poor heart... It was trying desperately to escape the grip of whatever kind of demon had it in it's hands. I could feel my heart start to give into the demons, as it gave one last kick, all the pain that's been haunting me all these years... Finally went away...
Tall uncut shards of shining green grass reached for the skies. I wandered around aimlessly through out the field. Filled with a rainbow of colorful flowers. The ground was absolutely wonderful under my bare feet.

"I've decided to call this place home." The young blond girl gazed over the horizon.
This was long ago requested by :iconbeatleboy247alt:

Hetalia belongs to: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Original Hetalia Theory by: :iconsailorinferno12908:
Plot by me: :iconxxbrambleheartxx:
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